We absolutely love our community! 

It's a joy to witness growth and personal transformation in this sacred and safe space. 

Through time, we build long lasting relationships with our team and clients...relationships that become priceless.

What  our clients  say  about  us

“This program has shown me that I can be a leader, has welcomed me into a community where I can create connections and grow with others, and has taught me how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” 

"Before I was a volunteer I saw this as just a great movement to attend. But, now that I'm helping with events, building, set-up and tear down, and more, now I'm learning the cost of what greatness is."

"Bridge to Promise provided strategic tools through various conference and mentoring that promoted my progress and evolution."

"It's impactful because at any moment a choice can be the turning point of your life. I am taking steps into making better choices and I'm more mindful of a lot of things."

"Bridge to Promise has broadened my horizons as far as my own personal strengths and its also opened my eyes to embracing any process that comes with the choices I've made."

Do you want to be part of our BTP Family?



Email:  info@bridgetopromise.org

Phone:  516 - 564 - 3212

Registered Charity:  46-5234947

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