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What You Need to Know about Bridge and COVID-19

Despite the setbacks caused by COVID this year, it has not stopped Bridge from growing or staying focused on our mission.

We are here for you and ready for a strong finish this year!

Our virtual programs and events have been well attended, and we recently finished our last book club for the year.

We have two new events taking place in September. You can learn more about Becoming Her or He Leads if you are interested in joining us this year.

But now that our community is venturing out into public more and more, we wanted you to know that we take COVID-19 seriously and have implemented certain precautions for every leader, volunteer, and client.

Our Guidelines

We do not plan to hold any in person events or meetings for the remainder of the year. In the event that we do need to make an occasional personal connection, here are the guidelines we follow and ask those in our presence to follow.

- We wear masks covering our nose and mouth and will provide a mask to anyone who needs one. ( Gotta love the saying: My mask protects you. Your mask protects me. ❤️ ) 

- We clean and disinfect our work areas.

- We make hand sanitizer available for everyone to use often.

- We wash our hands often and expect others to do the same.

- We maintain 6 feet of social distance when two or more are gathered.

- We self-screen before events and meetings by 1) taking our own temperature and 2) asking ourselves three questions:

o Have I traveled to a known COVID zone?

o Have I been in contact with anyone who has tested positive?

o Do I have any symptoms, such as a fever or cough?

Looking Ahead!

We believe together, we can help prevent the spread of COVID.

And, together, we will stay focused on our mission, anticipating great things as we prepare to honor our upcoming ‘Dare to Dream Leadership’ graduates!

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