We believe, with the right support, young people can achieve their highest potential. 

BTP started with a thought from Jess. She developed a passion to serve young people and dreamed of starting a nonprofit to support this under-reached group. When she shared her vision with LaShan and Nicole, her two close friends, without hesitation, they availed themselves to the vision. These three friends have encouraged each other every step of the way.  


What started seven years ago in a mentor's basement as a brainstorming session brought us here today, where we are impacting hundreds of young people every year.


Jess believes when you invest in young people, you are simply investing in the next generation.

"We see ourselves in them and want  to provide them with the same opportunities we have had... plus so much more!" 



We connect people to their purpose and their promise. The mission of Bridge to Promise (BTP) is to support Black and Brown high school and college graduates (ages 18-35)  in their self-actualization.  We work with young people to change their mindset and equip them to change their life. By changing a young life, we are changing a community.  BTP provides a comprehensive support system for young adults of color who are underemployed or newly entering the workforce to establish their career and position themselves for future success.  BTP serves as a bridge for young people entering the workforce by providing critical support, direction and connection.


BTP is uniquely qualified to provide critical mentoring and championing for young people of color entering the workforce through its diverse network of leaders.  The Board of Trustees is composed of Black leaders from a diverse range of professions including law, academia, education, and development.


Goal icon-01.png
  • To encourage a discipline of introspection that results in self-reflection and self-improvement.

  • To provide guidance in the acquisition of competencies that are needed for personal success.

  • To provide a venue to build connection, caring/compassion, and community.

  • To provide a safe space to share, journey, grow, and express the fulfillment of personal skills and potentialities.

  • To offer support in the exploration of matters of the mind and searching of the soul.



Our focus and our purpose align to the following:

  1. To develop and support empathic and authentic Diverse leaders with demonstrated emotional intelligence and self-awareness, agility and adaptability; and career-enriching networks. 

  2. Continuity and growth of a vibrant, socially and community minded network of Diverse professionals highlighting the interdependence of humanity through servant leadership.

  3. To increase the number of Diverse leaders in leadership positions in traditional and nontraditional careers in NYS. 

  4. Break the generational cycle of poverty for people of color in NYS. 


Our fundamental beliefs of Bridge to Promise are:








Join us today to make a difference!